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Get yourself a bargain on Google's Nexus 9 tablet

Have you been holding off on pulling the trigger in terms of purchasing a Nexus 9 tablet? Well, now might be the time to grab one of Google's slates, as another price reduction has been implemented.

When it first came out, the Nexus 9 was a pricey proposition, with even the basic model costing the best part of £500, but price cuts have just been seen at Amazon and Argos, as spotted by Product Reviews.

Sadly, the deals on the 16GB tablet with Wi-Fi – which was reduced to £200 at both outlets – have now expired, although you can still pick this up at a tempting price on Amazon. The online retailer has the black version on sale at £255, and if you want a white tablet, you can still get it for £235 (stock is limited though – indeed, there is only one of the latter left at the time of writing).

Argus now has the price of the 16GB slate back up at £300.

However, if you are after the 32GB Wi-Fi tablet, Amazon had reduced the price to £300 – and that deal is still active (note that it’s for the white coloured slate).

It’s quite possible, given these reductions, albeit temporary ones in some cases, that a new version of Google’s tablet isn’t far away, and some stock clearing is going on. If that’s the case, we’ll probably see some more deals on the base version of the Nexus 9 soon, and we shall keep our eyes peeled.