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iOS 8.1.4 adoption rate hits 40% in one week

Apple launched iOS 8.1.4 on June 30, and it is already receiving a lot of adoption off the back of Apple Music. According to data from Mixpanel, 40 per cent of all users capable of downloading the update did in the first week of release.

This is a large percentage for such a small iteration, especially considering the lack of quality control by Apple in previous updates. This lack of quality control has lead to some users not updating until early reviews come out, notifying any problems in the update.

Apple Music offers a three month free trial, making it a decent proposal for anyone looking to update. Beats 1 also has a large selection of guest artists and DJs on the opening few weeks, which may have pushed other users to update quickly.

Stats for Apple Music have not been released yet, meaning we do not know how many of the 40 per cent have tried the music streaming service. We doubt any breakdowns of Connect, Beats 1 and streaming popularity will be released, considering how Apple keeps most information on services private.

Apple is already surging forward with the release of iOS 9, pushing its public beta 9.3 out to fans of iOS. A full launch is planned in fall this year, where we expect to see audio quality controls for Apple Music, the News app, a new integrated Notes app, public transit on Apple Maps and a Wallet app to replace Passbook.

For UK iOS users, Apple Pay is coming in a small update on July 14th, allowing users to pay through contactless payment on their iPhone.

Source: Mixpanel