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Japan wants to attract more tourists to Mount Fuji, with WiFi

Travelling to peaceful locations normally means removing yourself from technology, but Japan is embracing the new desire to use mobiles and laptops everywhere by adding free public WiFi on Mount Fuji.

One of the most intriguing places in Japan, the amount of tourism being generated from the mountain has dropped lower over the years. The new addition of WiFi might interest tourist both inside of Japan and from other countries.

Japan will add eight hotspots on the mountain, allowing climbers to stop, take in the sights and check Twitter. Japan is also expanding free WiFi in the two neighbouring towns, Shizuoka and Yamanashi, in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

NTT Docomo will be providing the WiFi on Mount Fuji. Users will have to sign in with a user and password, which will be displayed at various points on Mount Fuji. The sign in will give 72 hours of free WiFi, before users have to sign in again.

For Japanese residents, the 4G LTE and WiFi trumps what most public services can offer, but at remote locations like Mount Fuji some carriers may not have any wireless networks available.

There has not been any major research to find out if public WiFi enhances a sites popularity, but we suspect it would keep people at the attraction for longer. Being able to check email and social updates while at remote locations means tourists aren’t out of the loop and can keep in contact with friends.

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