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Samsung is developing an 11K resolution mobile display

Samsung has always been the frontrunners on display technology, but it might be looking for a massive surge against competitors with an 11K mobile display.

Working with the South Korean government, Samsung has received £17 million to work on the new display technology. It plans to preview the display at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

This is a five year development plan, with over a dozen technology companies inside and outside of South Korea working on the project. Samsung is serious about creating this technology, which is five times the standard currently on mobile.

Exact specifications have not been released, but if Samsung intends to add it to a 16:9 aspect ratio device, the display would be 11264 x 6336 pixels. That is quite a lot better than the 2560 x 1440 pixels we see currently on mobile.

Samsung believes at that high a resolution, it should be able to create a 3D effect on a 2D display. The South Korean company has always been affiliated with 3D technology, one of the first to build 3D TVs and working on prototypes like the Samsung Galaxy Round.

Like always, there will be critics that claim enhancing a display is not what we need; instead we should see more investment in battery life. The problem is this argument has been used since the days of 720p, and we are sure those critics that now have 2K devices never want to return to the days of under-1080p.

Samsung is also investing in new battery technology for its electric car and mobile batteries (opens in new tab), meaning if both projects work out we should see massive increases in battery life and display technology over the next five years.

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