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T-Mobile are planning 'mobile without borders'

T-Mobile does not want any borders. The company announced that there will be no charges on calls, texts and LTE data to the subscribers of their Simple Choice postpaid and prepaid plans for customers in the U.S. when travelling in either Mexico or Canada.

And the party doesn’t ends here. T-Mobile customers in the United States can also make calls to Canada and Mexico at no additional cost.

The ‘Mobile Without Borders’ (that’s the name of the plan) is only available to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice postpaid and prepaid subscribers who primary residency is in the United States. New plans will be available from July 15 and customers will have to manually enroll themselves onto it.

In Europe, 2017 seems to be the golden year when the roaming charges will be scrapped. It took years of negotiations for the European lawmakers to finally agree on that. The final decision took an extended meeting between the member states, the European Parliament and the Commission which ended at 2 AM.

From June 2017, European mobile phone users will no longer have to pay for using their phone abroad. But there will be a fair use policy.

And to help citizens avoid sky-high mobile bills, all the roaming fees are now capped, which will be 5 cents per megabyte for mobile data, 5 cents per minute for calls and 2 cents per SMS message. The cap will be applicable from 2016.