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Why cloud adoption has brought major headaches for IT Security professionals

Enterprises face evolving security challenges and solutions due to the introduction of cloud infrastructures. Growing cloud adoption has been identified as one of the key reasons why a majority of IT and security professionals find securing their networks more difficult today than two years ago.

Network security company Tufin has produced an infographic, based on a recent research report with ESG, looking at why 56 per cent of professionals believe network security is getting harder.

This is partly down to increasing complexity as well as cloud adoption. The top five drivers of network security strategies are listed as: supporting cloud initiatives (38 per cent), increasing network security efficiency (33 per cent), implementing better monitoring and reporting of network topology and controls (30 per cent), improving troubleshooting and problem solving (29 percent), and improving workflow between the security team and other IT groups (26 per cent).

The full report is available to download from the Tufin website and you can see the infographic below.

Tufin infographic

Image Credit: winui/Shutterstock