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Apple offers free month of iCloud to Greek customers, GoDaddy auto-renews subscriptions

Greece has finally made a deal with the Eurozone, after hours of discussion between the two parties to come to an agreement. The specifics of the agreement have not been outlined, but after the “No” vote from the Greek people in regards in austerity measures, it appears the Eurozone has lightened the load for the struggling country.

A few weeks before the deal was made, the Greek government shutdown overseas payments, to avoid banks and people moving money out of the country. The “Capital Control” allowed Greece to keep money inside the country, but it had the adverse effect of not allowing customers to pay for applications and subscriptions outside of Greece.

To keep everything business as usual, both Apple and GoDaddy have stepped up and offered auto-renewals while the discussions continue. Apple added a few month of iCloud storage to all Greek subscribers free of charge, and GoDaddy is manually renewing all subscriptions in Greece free of charge.

It is a smart move by Apple and GoDaddy, who are keen to keep customers through the crisis. After it all dies down, the Greek customers are more likely to keep with the provider, considering a lot of other services wouldn’t have provided the same support.

Apple is able to cover the losses through return on investment in the future, and the fact services make up less than five per cent of the company’s profits. GoDaddy is also known for exaggerated deals, while charging more for long term customers—this is just another one of those deals that hopefully promotes consumer confidence in the brand.

The Capital Controls may only remain in Greece for a few more weeks, as the government signs the deals with the Eurozone to remain a part of the EU. It is the largest backlash against austerity since the union’s creation, but it will not be the last.

The UK intends to vote on a referendum of its EU membership in 2017, although the specifics of this referendum have not been disclosed by The Conservatives. It will include a yes or no vote on whether we should stay in, with options on new deals with the EU, which may benefit UK business and regulations.


Here is a list of other companies planning to offer Greek customers a grace period:

  • Microsoft Azure (extension upon request)
  • Amazon Web Services (no time/date specific)
  • Google Drive (extension until August 1st)
  • Buffer (free until situation changes)
  • UpWork (no time/date specific)
  • SendGrid (no time/date specific)
  • Atlassian (three months free)