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Comcast launch new streaming cable TV service aptly named "Stream"

A new Internet TV service dubbed "Stream" is being launched by Comcast. The new service will allow their already existing Xfinity subscribers to watch TV shows from a dozen networks on their smartphone, desktop, and tablets at $15 per month on top of their internet bills.

The beta version of Stream will be launched in Boston. And if things are smooth, it will be moving to Chicago and Seattle by the end of 2015. Comcast is hoping to have it US wide by 2016, so until then we're going to have to hang tight.

Comcast is now being very careful with their products and who they are targeting. Matthew Strauss, Comcast’s executive vice president says that they are trying to become “much, much, much more surgical” in how they are targeting their products.

With this new product, they are targeting it towards younger consumers, In the case of Stream, it is targeted towards younger consumers. Strauss elaborated that Stream is targeted at younger consumers is because it is this group that is most likely to want to watch TV without the need for TV. Speaking to the New York Times Strauss commented that " Not everybody is going to want a full pay-TV bundle."

There are some places where Stream is very similar to over-the-top services such as Sling. But there are some differences between the two. For instance, Stream can only be used on a home Wi-Fi or internet, while Sling can be used anywhere.