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If the moon were only one pixel: Amazing map shows the scale of the solar system

Saying that the Solar System is pretty big is a massive understatement. It's vast, enormous, gigantic. Ok so I'm running out of adjectives, but you get the point. For anybody to get their head round the vastness of the Solar System is no easy feat, so imagine the trouble a five year-old would have.

This is exactly the situation that Josh Worth found himself in when talking about planets with his five year-old daughter. He was trying explain how far everything is in the Solar System, and space as a whole. He tried to explain her using different metaphors like “if the earth was the size of a golf ball, then Mars would be across the soccer field.”

But soon he realised that he, himself didn’t know much about these distances between different planets in our Solar System. Speaking to the Verge Worth said that “pictures in books, planetarium models, even telescopes are pretty misleading when it comes to judging just how big the universe can be. Are we doing ourselves a disservice by ignoring all the emptiness?”

But, things are easier for the 5-year-old now, (and also for everyone else), as Josh took it into his own hands to create this brilliant, and at times tedious scale map of the solar system.

Josh created a map on which one pixel meant one Earth-sized moon. In this way, you can understand how far apart things are, and not only that, you can even skip from planet to planet faster than the speed of light (not that makes sense because the speed of light itself is pretty sedate when it comes to planning on cruising throughout the space).