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Windows fans, you’re In the spotlight at the Windows 10 Launch

The past nine hard-working months have been a push for Microsoft developers. Testing and tweaking everything they can to make it a perfect launch. They have been collecting Windows 10 testers for a long time, and there are now roughly around 5 million testers all around the world already.

The sheer amount of testers has taken everybody by surprise, and Yusuf Mehdi, head of Microsoft Windows and devices marketing efforts, who was inspired by the Xbox fan celebrations is now planning to apply that inspiration to the launch of Windows 10.

So, on 29 July (yes, that’s the launch date), instead of holding a flashy party at one place in one city, Microsoft will now be holding parties all around the world, in 13 cities to be precise. They include Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, New Delhi, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, Sao Paulo, and of course, the New York City.

Besides the parties, Microsoft is also launching a series of TV campaigns from Monday in which all they celebrate a new era of Windows and Windows fans.

Mehdi says that the focus of all the marketing effort, is to make people feel what it is like to grow up in a Windows 10 era.