Skip to main content hacked, some say it's a Ponzi scheme

An entire database of cloud-based Bitcoin mining site has been stolen, and is apparently up for sale. That's at least what the site's owners say.

A total of 79,267 accounts including their passwords was apparently stolen, and now hackers want to earn big bucks off it. I mean, one Bitcoin. A total of one (1) Bitcoin for the entire database.

The site is offline, and some of the CSV database of members has popped up on web clipboards like Pastebin, The Register writes in a report. Even though these were removed, some are still available in web caches.

Users have rushed to change their passwords, The Register adds, but there's still risk of hackers getting into Bitcoin wallets of users who re-used their old passwords. That is, in case the hack was actually real.

Review site The Cloud Mining Directory says is "most likely an elaborate Ponzi scheme" after initally labelling it possibly the largest Bitcoin mining operations in the industry.

" claims they have been hacked, and that is the reason their website is offline. However, it looks like this may have been a Ponzi scheme, and they will never come back online. Until they come back online, I am reducing trust rating to zero," the California-based website says.

These speculations, even though they're present on multiple forums around the web, including, currently cannot be confirmed. Speculation at points to cloudminr being a ponzi scheme all along, and that they will never re-launch their cloud mining operation.

All users are advised to change their passwords as soon as possible.

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