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Firefox blocks Flash by default and Facebook security chief calls for Flash's demise

Due to a number of new issues and exploits being discovered in Flash, Mozilla has taken a huge step by blocking Flash entirely from its Firefox browsers.

Flash, the name which was trusted by the netizens has now become a liability and has become some of the most hated software on Earth. This is mainly due to its faulty security, and Flash has become the Wild West of unpatched vulnerabilities. It is now believed that Adobe’s platform has now become more of a liability than a fun way to browse and consume the information from the internet.

But, in all of the bad news, there is one piece good news for you. If you completely rely on Firefox, you are safe because they have put Flash on their blacklist, which means that any software or addon that uses Flash to function, is blocked. Unless of course you manually enable Flash by clicking on the pop up or from the Settings.

Mozilla believes that Flash doesn’t need to be entirely blocked. But if it is running in the background, the user should know about it.

Most of the Flash’s functions will be taken over by HTML 5 and other technologies that are more secure.

On the other hand, Facebook’s new security chief has been asking Adobe to provide a death date of Flash in order to move the entire web forward.

We hope that if the Flash dies, it would mean a better, more secure internet. Also, more battery juice will be left in our devices.