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Microsoft planning to launch high-end Lumia smartphones later this year

After an absent 2014, Microsoft wants to make sure it is putting its £4.62 billion hardware division to good use this year. Head of Windows and Devices Terry Myerson confirmed Microsoft will launch high-end Lumia smartphones by the end of the year.

Even though Myerson didn’t give any time or specification details, the new Lumia devices should be able to compete with the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, the top end of the iOS and Android mobile market.

These devices will also sport Windows 10 out of the box, allowing mobile owners to take advantage of universal apps. Microsoft has some other plans for Windows 10 Mobile, but has not disclosed the final update to insiders.

Windows Phone dropped below two per cent market share earlier this year, following the growth of Android in India, China and other developing countries and Apple’s best quarter ever. Microsoft will need to invest heavily in these first party devices, if they plan to compete in the most competitive market: the high-end.

We expect the first of these devices to arrive at IFA Berlin 2015, in September. The same event where the Galaxy Note 5 is likely to launch. Microsoft has six devices in all planned for this year, but has not confirmed how many are high-end models.