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Microsoft's new Cortana Analytics Suite could be a big data gamechanger

At its Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft unveiled Cortana Analytics Suite. This is a set of tools designed for business to harness big data and use it to perform relevant, automated tasks.

The suite neatly ties together the cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things to create a system that can be put to countless uses.

There are two big clues in the name that help to explain why Microsoft is describing this as a tool that will help to bring about "intelligent enterprise". Automated analytics takes the legwork out of dealing with data from apps, devices, sensors, and more, while Cortana integration means that users can interact with data in a more natural way.

Built after years of research and development, Cortana Analytics Suite uses machine learning and processing in the cloud to take the load off processing large amounts of data and delivering meaningful information to a range of devices. Microsoft predicts that the tools could be used to detect fraud, make customer recommendations, and forecasting.

Microsoft says:

"While data is pervasive, actionable intelligence from data is elusive. Our customers want to transform data to intelligent action and reinvent their business processes.

Incorporating features such as voice and facial recognition, Cortana Analytics Suite is Microsoft's vision of the future of business processes.

The company shared a video, which can be seen above, showing how Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System has used Cortana Analytics Suite to bring personalised healthcare to people