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Want a sound effects machine? use Siri and Apple Music

Ever thought of adding sound effects to the songs you already listen to? Or just listening to sound effects separately and know how they ACTUALLY sound when they are not mixed in a song?

Now you can listen to all kinds of sound effects on your iPhone. Yes, with the combination of Siri and Apple Music, you can turn your iPhone into a sound effects machine.

This comes under the tricks that you should try with Siri besides asking straight up dumb questions when you're bored

So the next time you are killing time, or just traveling on a train, ask Siri to “play the sound of farts.”

And after a few seconds of thinking and processing, Siri will then access the Apple Music library and search for the sound of farts. On a side note, you are currently enjoying this Apple Music subscription for free.

Once Siri can locate the sound of farts in the library, you can then enjoy for as long as you want.

Besides just fart sounds, there are bunch of other sound effects that you can listen to…

  • Sad trombone
  • A chipmunk laugh
  • Applause
  • A crowd booing
  • Footsteps
  • A heartbeat
  • A laser
  • Bees buzzing
  • A space computer
  • Shattered glass
  • Pain
  • The ocean
  • Space
  • Silence