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Android M confirmed for HTC One M8

HTC is sticking with its promise to offer quick updates, with the vice president of product management Mo Versi confirming that the HTC One M8 will receive Android M.

Versi didn’t give any dates for the update, and it doesn’t look like HTC are sticking to the 90 day policy it promoted in 2014. The company had various issues fulfilling this promise, including carrier blocks in the United States and some parts of Europe.

HTC has already confirmed the Android M update would arrive on the HTC One M9 and One M9+. The HTC One M8 is another smartphone that will receive the update, although due to it being older we may see the update come later.

We expect other devices like the recently released Desire range will receive Android M at some point, but the HTC One M7 might be out of reach. Other device manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have announced Android M updates to most of their high-end smartphones.

Google is still testing the waters with Android M, through a developer preview available to millions of Android devs and users. It has not released a finalised date for launch, but it is expected to come before October this year.

Android M was announced at Google I/O last month, featuring various software upgrades for developers and manufacturers to utilise. The actual changes for users are smaller than Android Jelly Bean and Lollipop, but Google thinks with the increased focus on developers, it will see more productivity from third-party apps.

To see the full recap of the Android M update, check here (opens in new tab).

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