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Apple in talks to start sales in Iran, following nuclear deal

Iran has been on Apple’s radar for two years now, and with the nuclear deal loosening sanctions, Cupertino will be able to ship its products directly into the country.

Apple is already in talks with distributors to start selling iPhones, iPads and Mac products by 2016, when the sanctions are likely to be lifted. Apple will not invest in its own stores, due to the potential for sanctions to be reinstated if Iran doesn’t shrink its nuclear program.

Iran is one of the most populated countries in the Middle East, with 77 million people living in the country. Even though it might seem in the West to be a poor region, Iran is actually one of the better countries in the Middle East for disposable income and income per capita.

That said, Iran does have Internet blocks, regularly removing content that is deemed unfit for the country’s citizens. It may be an issue for Apple, who offers services like News and Apple Music, both curating content from the United States.

It hasn’t stopped Apple from entering other hostile zones to Internet services however, with the iPhone and iPad both selling extremely well in China.

Some other countries outside of the US and Europe are already selling devices in Iran, like Samsung and LG. There have also been imports of iOS devices into the country, as seen by the “Rich Kids of Tehran” Instagram account, which showed the lives of some of the most rich in the country.

Other companies inside the US are taking a relaxed approach to the Iran deal, waiting to see the next move. It is possible that the US will reinstate sanctions with the next President after the 2016 Election, considering quite a few Republican candidates have been vocal on the Iran nuclear deal.