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Family of child killed by Uber driver agrees settlement

Family of Child Who Was Killed by One of Uber’s Drivers Settles

The family that filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Uber for the death of their 6-year-old girl named Sofia Liu, agreed to work out a tentative settlement with the company. The accident happened during the 2013 New Year’s Eve when Sofia, her mother and a younger brother were hit by an Uber driver in San Francisco.

The company defended themselves by claiming that the driver wasn’t on duty and that they shouldn’t be held liable for the loss. But the family argued that the driver was logged into the app and that he was ready to take passengers when the accident happened.

As of now, the family has agreed to settle with the ride-sharing company, but both the parties have refused to disclose the terms of the settlement.

Uber recently said to CNET that “The Lius suffered a terrible tragedy – and our hearts go out to them. While we cannot ease their pain, we do hope this settlement helps the family move forward.”

This was just one of the issues that Uber faces around the world with a number of governments taking a stand against Uber's practises amongst other cases.

High profile personalities like Hillary Clinton and others have criticised Uber for classifying their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees.