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How many of us know what Amazon Web Services is?

Do You Know What AWS Is?

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, have been a key component of the Internet for almost a decade. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos launched the client-side platform in 2006, which has grown from one of the first fledgling cloud computing platforms into what today accounts for nearly 27 per cent of the $40 billion (and rapidly growing) IaaS cloud infrastructure sector — including 600 government agencies around the world and more than one million customers spread across almost every country in the world.

Despite all the success of AWS, perhaps the most surprising statistic is how few actually understand it, or for that matter even know what it is. While this probably has something to do with the client-side nature of the service, it is still somewhat shocking that more than two-thirds of Americans have never even heard of AWS.

As the cloud grows in significance, and platforms like AWS become increasingly important their clients, having at least a foundational understanding of the Internet architecture on which it is based is worthwhile.

As one of the leading providers of AWS training courses, Udemy has gone to great lengths to make AWS accessible for men and women of every skill level. In an effort to increase understanding for the two-thirds of Americans who have no knowledge whatsoever of the cloud hosting service, Udemy created an easy-to-understand infographic beginners guide to Amazon Web Services. The infographic describes the basic history of AWS, why it is important, and its place in the overall technology sector.