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Shanghai Disney Resort getting 4.5G networks

Shanghai Disney Resort is about to get the latest 4.5G networks and services based on 4.5G.

Those are the results of a strategic cooperation agreement signed today by Huawei, Shanghai Disney and China Unicom Shanghai.

The agreement’s main objectives are to build Shanghai as a “smart” city, to “upgrade Internet Plus industries, transform information services and promote smart applications”, it says in the press release.

The 4.5G network will support new Internet of Things (IoT) and smart applications, which are to be introduced to the Shanghai International Resort.

“High-quality Cellular IoT services will be deployed including smart parking, smart people flow management, and smart bands during initial stages,” it is said in the press release.

Service applications including 2K/4K video services, virtual reality, and LTE-Vehicle will then be introduced within the next three years.

Previously, Huawei and China Unicom Shanghai launched a 4.5 G LTE-M pilot program. This strategic cooperation agreement marks the beginning of global commercial use of 4.5G.

The evolution of 4G and 4.5G is based on new terminals, services, as well as on user experience. In the next five years, it aims to deliver more than 1 Gbps throughput, 10ms end-to-end latency delay, and enable 30 billion connections. 4.5G will be a key requirement to an all-online world and is the fundamental technology for carrying out national “Internet Plus” strategies across all industries.

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