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Still no confirmation of Apple Pay launch in Ireland

Apple Pay might now be live in the UK, as of yesterday, but over in Ireland they still have no clue as to when they might be getting the payment service.

As the notes, Apple has given no actual indication of when the service might launch in Ireland, and as ever, failed to respond to a request for clarification of a date.

However, there is a glimmer of hope, as Apple has been in negotiations with Irish banks already this year, and we should see a rollout of Apple Pay before 2015 is out. You would hope so, anyway…

If the Irish launch is anything like the UK, even given the time for preparation, folks may find that many major banks aren't on board initially. In this country, Lloyds and HSBC didn't have support in place from the off yesterday, and as has been well documented, Barclays never intended to support the payment service straightaway – but it is planning to introduce support "in the future", rather vaguely.

Apple Pay has, of course, been out over in America since last autumn, and apparently 40 per cent of iPhone 6 owners have made use of the service in the US.

UK adoption could move even faster, given that the contactless technology required is already in place in a greater percentage of sales counters than it was over in the US last year.