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Want six free months of Netflix? Talktalk has you covered

Broadband providers are trying extremely hard to win over customers, with Sky announcing 12 months free broadband and now Talktalk offering six free months of Netflix with its Plus TV subscription.

The Plus TV subscription comes with:

  • YouView+ TV set-top box and freeview service
  • 17Mbps broadband
  • Unlimited landline calls
  • 3G mobile SIM with 100 minutes, 250 texts and 200MB of data

And customers that redeem the offer before August 31st will receive the six months of free Netflix. This offer would normally cost £45, with Netflix raising its prices to £7.49 per month in the United Kingdom earlier this month.

It is a decent deal, considering the Plus TV subscription only costs £26.40 per month for all of the other services. That said, 17Mbps isn’t the best speed, with 4G LTE providers offering faster speeds around the UK.

Talktalk is not the best provider for customer support or broadband infrastructure as well, leading to problems with the network. This could be an issue for those that needs 24/7 Internet, but then we would expect those customers to want speeds higher than 17Mbps.

These cheap broadband deals with extras are focused on the consumer unlikely to use the Internet a whole lot, but somehow who would maybe enjoy House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, or any of the other original series available on Netflix.