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TechnologyOne gaining traction In UK public sector

An Australian enterprise software company is continuing to gather momentum in the UK public sector, with clients that include local government bodies and educational institutions.

24N spoke with TechnologyOne’s UK Operating Officer Roger Phare (opens in new tab) to learn more about what the firm has to offer the public sector and how it is achieving success.

“As Australia’s largest enterprise software company, TechologyOne (opens in new tab) has set its sights on global expansion and the UK is positioned to be one of our biggest growth regions,” Phare claimed.

“In the last year we have secured a number of new customers, including six in the public sector. We continue to seek new customers in this area, as it is where our heritage and expertise lies,” he added.

The firm’s latest public sector customers include Aylesbury Vale District Council, Scottish Borders Council Aged Care, Edinburgh and East Dunbartonshire Leisure Centres, New College Lanarkshire and the University of Lincoln.

Pure Cloud

One area of the TechnologyOne business which has seen huge growth is its cloud division, which has seen 100 per cent growth in revenues.

What is interesting about the company’s cloud offerings is they really are 100 per cent cloud – Phare explained to us that it doesn’t offer “dirty hosting,” instead, it offers pure, fully managed cloud services.

The firm does not “lift and shift” software into a hosting environment and instead offers a complete enterprise SaaS offering.

“Our customers have partnered with us to take advantage of innovation, creativity and ongoing investment in new and emerging technologies,” Phare claimed.

“Increasingly, our enterprise SaaS solution is being recognised as a way to easily take advantage of these technologies without adding complexity,” he added.

The next step for TechnologyOne Cloud is to provide a massively scalable platform with significant economies, delivering customers and an even stronger competitive advantage.

The firm differentiates itself from competitors by investing a significant amount of money back into research and development in order to ensure its product offerings are as modern and up to date as possible.

TechnologyOne’s position is further strengthened by its results for the half year ending 31 March 2015. Revenue was up 3 per cent to $90 million (£45.5 million).

Image Credit: Shutterstock (opens in new tab)/suphakit73 (opens in new tab)