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No deal! Amazon customers disappointed by Prime Day offers

Amazon Prime Day is over, and the general reception seems to be negative towards the 24 hour sale event (opens in new tab). Plenty of Prime customers came away feeling disappointed, after Amazon hyped up the sale as “bigger than Black Friday”.

The biggest problem with the Prime Day sales was timing and products, less than 10 per cent of the most popular products were on sale and sales seemed to last a few seconds before selling out entirely.

Even things like pencil cases, sharpies and cutlery sold out in lightning time, despite customers on Twitter venting that nobody would buy these items.

Amazon did state before Prime Day that it would be running sales every hour and sometimes for only a few minutes, but customers were bummed out at the variety of products not being the highest quality.

There were a few decent products, like the 4K TV for under £1,000 and several Kindle products, but most of the sale was regarded as “garage sale” items.

Walmart, the American supermarket leader, also ran a sale at its own stores on Prime Day. Similar complaints were not voiced on Twitter, although this might be due to lack of customers attending the 24 hour sales event.

In the United Kingdom, similar problems with Prime Day were present. Since the majority of Prime customers are in the United States, Amazon seemed to care less about the variety of products on sale in the UK and Europe.

Amazon has not released any numbers on the amount of sales during Prime Day, although it claims at peak levels it beat Black Friday. It has also not released any numbers on new Prime customers following the event.

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