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Apple facing lawsuit from Irish firm over iWatch trademark

Apple is being sued by the company that owns the iWatch trademark even though the tech giant called its first wearable the Apple Watch instead of iWatch.

Dublin-based software studio Probendi, which owns the trademark, filed an urgent procedure on 26 June in Milan court, contending that Apple is using the term on search engines to bring up Apple Watch results in order to reach more potential customers.

The court document says: "Apple has systematically used iWatch wording on Google search engine in order to direct customers to its own website, advertising Apple Watch."

A Probendi representative said: "Apple never replied to our requests and objections, while Google said they are not responsible for links."

Meanwhile, Apple and Google have both declined to comment publicly on the matter.

Following the filing, a hearing is set to take place on 11 November.

Despite Probendi's effort to fight over its trademark, past cases shows that lawsuits relating to trademark issues and Google's ad service have mostly failed.

Last year, Probendi co-founder Daniele Di Salvo told Bloomberg that his company was working on its own Android smartwatch which would be called 'iWatch' and warned Apple off using the term for its own device.