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From Vegas to your living room: Mobile apps and the gambling industry

The glamorous tuxedos, elegant lounge music, scent of lightly-stirred cocktails and the buzz of a win: the casino is a spectacular setting for those who have a love affair with taking chances as well as enjoying some world-class entertainment.

But the face of gambling has changed drastically over the years – now, no longer do the poker parlours, comedy clubs, bingo halls and centre stages dominate the industry. The card sharps of blackjack and Texas Hold’ems aren’t revelling in the bright, bustling lights of eternal Vegas, either. No, the world of the money game can be accessed right from the comfort of our own homes.

Software central

If the online world hadn’t already begun to make its mark on gambling with the advent of internet poker sites and the like, then the app world sealed the deal for virtual gaming.

Android, Apple, and other platforms on Amazon and Blackberry devices have made it possible for a vast universe of betting to be readily available at the fingertips of many via tablet, smartphone and laptop devices. This hasn’t only made the industry more accessible to people who love to play but cannot make it to their nearest gambling venue, but it’s also made the beloved pastime accessible on-the-go.

Gamers can have a spin at a few rounds or check the status of their latest gamble during the commute, and for people who take their passion seriously, this technological improvement offers a huge advantage.

As well as gambling venues and platforms, the art of gambling itself and all relevant info is made available via expert sites like (opens in new tab). These are gateways to the online gaming world, which even to a seasoned gambler can feel like a whole other ball game. Insight and advice into the online gaming world, including the nature of the game itself, can be found in abundance on these useful virtual communities, as well as forums where fellow gamers can meet and team up.

The ultimate playroom

Just as there is now a variety of gamers from all ages, nations, and backgrounds, so too is there of games. It’s not all about the card game or slot machine; horse racing, football matches, and more are up for grabs when it comes to betting, including the diverse communities that build up around them, from blogs to social media and more.

Many online betting apps offer gift money incentives to help people get started, and while tickets and scratch cards are still on the table, the online world is very much where modern gambling and betting is at, and even lotteries and charities are on-board by allowing players to plug in their lucky numbers online.

Thanks to the need for mobility, access, and an extended community, the app industry has completely dominated gaming, gambling, and betting.

And with the US alone expected to earn a gross amount of $7.4 billion (£4.7 billion) by 2017, apps are now an essential part of the online economy, and one that seasoned and casual gamers alike can partake in.

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