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Jolla Launches Sailfish 2.0 After hooking up with Indian phonemaker

The new Jolla’s Sailfish OS had a rocky start, but now that it has found its first licensing partner, things are getting smoother --bigger things seem to be happening for them. India’s second largest phonemaker, Intex Technologies partnered with them to help each other become a huge presence in the country.

Jolla is also focusing on a regional mobile ecosystem called Sailfish India with Intex and other partners (which are yet to be revealed). They believe that this step will help them achieve that presence in the country.

This move signifies that Jolla will set to license its OS to more partners on a global level. And to expand on that level, the company has already built several LTE devices that are optimised for their platform based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, 600 and 800. This will enable other partners/collaborators to launch Sailfish as soon as possible.

The first Sailfish devices will be launched in India by late 2015. And it is believed that by that launch, the second version of the operating system will be out for download.

Yes, that’s how fast they are working. The Sailfish 2.0 will be rolled out, and it will come preinstalled on the Jolla tablet that has not yet received a launch date.

And if you are wondering how does this new Sailfish OS feel, and whether it can be compared to Android or iOS, watch the video below. The Sailfish 2.0 is much smoother and easier to navigate than its previous versions.