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Prank or useful? Asking Siri to charge your phone calls Police

It is fascinating how Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri has developed, and learnt. The virtual assisant is being used by thousands, if not millions of people to schedule alarms, make calls and open different apps. But if you ask Siri to charge your phone, then out of the blue, it dials to the police. Yes, it thwarts a kidnap.

Issuing the command: “Siri, charge my phone 100 per cent” this will prompt siri to call the emergency services. Thankfully for all of you partial to a good joke, Siri gives the user a 5 second window to cancel their call in case they were messing with Siri.

It is still unclear why asking Siri to charge your phone to 100 per cent prompts it to dial the emergency services. According to the Telegraph (opens in new tab), this command could be a code language that would allow the user to alert the police to an incident without attracting too much attention, although this assumption was not confirmed by an Apple spokesperson.

As well as this obviously useful response, Siri does have a reputation for funny responses to certain questions. The most recent of these was "Siri, what's zero divided by zero? (opens in new tab)"

Other funny responses can be found here (opens in new tab).