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Vivaldi offers Chrome web extensions in latest update

The up and coming web browser Vivaldi has added another big update, this time adding Chrome web extensions and apps for desktop users.

Vivaldi has been in development for a few months, headed by ex-Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner. It has a sleek new design with some of the older features from Opera 12, running on the Blink layout engine.

Having the Chrome web store available on Vivaldi should draw disgruntled Chrome users, unhappy with the amount of RAM and processing power it takes to run Google’s bloated web browser.

It also means Vivaldi doesn’t have to go through the same teething problems affecting Firefox, Safari and other web browsers on extensions. The Chrome store is by far the best for extensions, normally built by the company that operates the service instead of third-party developers.

Since Chrome is open source like most of Google’s programs and platforms, Vivaldi is able to tap into the Chrome web store without any issues. Of course, Vivaldi does sacrifice any potential income from extensions, since it all goes back to Google.

In an age where more web browsers are attempting new changes, Vivaldi is here for those that want old Opera back, before the move away from the Presto layout engine. It has gained quite a bit of traction due to its weekly updates and sleek design.

Still, it doesn’t seem to match up to the big names on speed, especially with Microsoft Edge now storming past the competition.