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Why would I need a managed service provider to start my project?

An analysis of how MSPs can help you to build and grow your business. Any project be it internal, external or fundamental to business interests, starts with one common factor: an idea.

When it comes to technology, moving on from the conception of an idea to putting in place a fully realised infrastructure is an art in itself; or is it? All too commonly in organisations the onus is towards letting the idea grow organically into a project, then on to fruition. For the large proportion of projects this will work, but a number of projects will lead to a considerable pain along the way, due to a lack of real planning and management. Managed properly from the start, projects don’t have to be this way. All ideas have to be turned into a set of attributes, features and benefits for the end user to create the high level design needed for a successful implementation plan.

Why is there often rework?

As any developer, project manager or engineer will tell you, key decisions or a lack of decisions made too early in the process will inevitably lead the implementation needing rework. Many will say that project management overcomes the disruption involved with this process but the question remains; why rework something if you can do it right first time?

Engagement with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help. Work with a partner organisation that will bring experience, reference architectures, best practice approaches and a continuity of people and skills. The people brought on at the beginning of the project will be able to provide an expertise consultation, design knowledge and friendly advice that will ensure a successful implementation. Using a Managed Service Provider enables a guided decision making process, leading towards a scalable and and resilient system from day one.

This approach will reduce or remove completely the need for redesign or rework. Early engagement with your Managed Service Provider ensures that the idea has a qualitative delivery from day one.

Top Tips

Early engagement with a Managed Service Provider can:

  • Bring a wealth of useful advice to your business
  • Provide you with holistic services based on best practices
  • Assure project realisation through a partnership and a contract
  • Remove the bottleneck from internal resources
  • Bolster the internal skill set
  • Improve speed-to-market.