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Average YouTube mobile session increases to 40 Minutes, Google says

Google reported on Thursday that the average length of a viewing session of mobile devices on YouTube is now over 40 minutes. According to the CFO Ruth Porat --and that’s double what it was last year.

We weren’t informed about what kinds of videos people were watching for that long, but you can imagine how those music videos, movie trailers and comedy vine compilations can add up throughout the day.

When compared to other new mobile apps like Vine, Periscope and Meekat, Google underscores them based on the fact that they are younger and smaller than YouTube, which has more than a billion users. But despite of that, the small and new mobile apps have very quickly become popular channels of self-expression and live broadcasting.

Google also said that YouTube is now becoming a stronger contributor to their advertising revenue. The stats seem in favour to the search engine giant.

The number of advertisers on YouTube have risen by 40 per cent from last year, while the average spend per user has increased by almost 60 per cent and Youtube is now contributing more and more to Google's revenue.

The total sales for the quarter was $17.73 billion, which is up by 11 per cent, which is good news considering that their revenue growth has been slowing in the past few years.