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Inbox for Gmail receives updated Snooze features

Inbox for Gmail may not be available for everyone just yet, but Google is already investing time to update some of the parts of the email client that require another look.

Snooze, a popular tool on Inbox, has been revamped showing a list of suggested times. In the previous version, users had to input their own times to snooze, making it a convoluted experience if the date was quite far off.

Thankfully, Google now uses algorithms like finding a date inside the email for suggested snooze dates. For a package delivery, Inbox will allow the user to set the date one day before or on the day the package is meant to arrive.

Since Google is able to tap into all emails for better suggestions and reminders, this should be an easy way to save time and remove clutter from Inbox. The new email client works off having three main areas for mail: Inbox, Snooze and Done.

Inbox should only be taken up by emails that need action right now, while Snooze is for emails that do not require action for a few hours, days or weeks. Done is the folder where all of the emails go, once they are no longer useful.

It is a smart system and a big change for Gmail users, who normally bin all emails irrelevant. Inbox also features a set of tags for emails, like Trips, Purchases, Updates, Forums and more. Having these tags allows the user to get to a certain type of email fast, rather than skim through hundreds of potential unread emails.

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