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Xiaomi unveils new smart trainers to boost fitness line

Following the fast consumer adoption of Xiaomi smartphones and peripherals, the Chinese tech company is even going more diverse as it is set to launch a new product, smart trainers, in-line with its other fitness-focused products.

Made in conjunction with Chinese sports and fitness brand Li Ning, the footwear features a tiny Bluetooth fitness tracker that's placed inside a cutout in the heel.

The sensor in the footwear will then provide its users with information relating to their activities, such as steps taken and calories burned. There's no details as of yet on whether more running-focused data will be collected.

The sensor will communicate with Xiaomi's Mi Fit phone app - the same one that connects with the Xiaomi Mi Band - and with the company's Bluetooth connected scales.

Two sneaker designs will be available: an existing Li Ning design adapted to take the sensor and another brand-new one.

Xiaomi's wearable tech partner Huami will produce the sensor and Li Ning will sell the shoes through its website.

The newly-designed smart shoes are fairly reasonably priced at around $65 (£40), and the ones based on the current model will be just $32 (£20).

The smart sneakers will be on sale before the end of the month: the new design said to be released on 20 July, while the second pair to follow shortly afterwards. There's no word on whether the shoes will be sold outside China.

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