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Anonymous promises revenge after police shoot group member dead

Anonymous has promised "vengeance for our fallen comrade" and to identify the police officer who shot dead a member of the activist group. The victim was reportedly wearing the group's iconic Guy Fawkes mask whilst attending a demonstration in British Columbia on 17 July. People claiming to be from the Anonymous group have said that the man was a member of a First Nations cell of Anonymous.

The protest was against a controversial dam project in Dawson Creek, a hydro-electric project on the Peace River that is strongly opposed by aboriginals.

The victim has not been named out of respect for his family and to give them time to inform members of his extended family, but it is expected that today (20 July) the British Columbia police are going to release the name.

Despite this, the group seems to have identified the man as Jay Mack on their Twitter page. 2015-07-20 11-16-38

In the aftermath of the shooting the province's police watchdog, the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) has been called upon to investigate the incident.

One of the contested details of the shooting is in fact the mask, early reports suggest that the victim was indeed wearing the Guy Fawkes mask, although the IIO has refused to reveal exactly what type of mask the man was wearing.

Another point that is being discussed and contested is whether or not the victim was armed, with an eye-witness who spoke to CBC News suggesting that he was wielding a knife. The witness allges that as two armed officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police approached and demanded that he put down the knife, the victim refused and subsequently he was shot.

Contrary to this point, Anonymous claim that the victim wore a pocket knife on his waist and was in the process of complying with demands when he was shot.

In a statement, the activist group said that "an RCMP officer mercilessly shot and killed a masked Anon without provocation or cause."

This evidently sparked outrage within Anonymous' ranks as the group has already started its campaign against the RCMP. Yesterday (19 July), the main website for the RCMP was taken down and was offline for several hours.

Anonymous have demanded members "march, create and sign petitions, hack, dox [until] all demand and justice is met". On a more compassionate level, the group has offered to raise funds for the victim's burial. 2015-07-20 11-02-09

The group has a checkered history of identifying police officers accused of shooting members of the public after incorrectly identifying the officer accused of shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson last year.

The shooting brings the number of Anons slain by security forces up to four globally.