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Users voice complaints over Norton for Windows 10 updates

Some users report that the recent updates made to make Norton compatible with Windows 10 are incompatible with other mainstream Windows releases.

Users have posted on multiple threads on Symantec’s forums complaining about the borked Windows 8.1 kit, Windows 7 kit and Windows XP kit.

After viewing a couple of threads, as of now, Symantec has yet to give a substantive response.

But, according to The Register, Symantec pointed them towards their official blog (opens in new tab) that states that the Windows 10 version of their software is currently in beta. Here’s an associated statement that Symantec gave:

"Norton is committed to delivering best-in-class security protection across all devices and operating systems and will be ready to support Windows 10 when it’s available.

In the coming weeks, Norton will release an update to customers, ensuring their Norton protection is compatible with the new Windows 10 OS.

The release will also include enhanced security features and performance optimizations."

One thing that stands out in the statement, is the fact that they still failed to address the incompatibility issue in other Windows mainstream OS’s.


After being pressed onthe issue, Symante issued a revised statement playing down the problems, and reported the problems as isolated and down to teething.

Here is the revised statement:

"Norton releases product updates throughout the year to help detect the latest threats, roll out new features and fix bugs. Every update is carefully monitored for any problems across our global customer base.

If we spot new issues, we are quick to react and implement mitigation measures.

For example, on 11 June we saw some customers experiencing errors when running patches for Norton Security 22.2, so the patches were removed that same day and the corrected version was reposted.

Our current active patch update is designed to bring version 21.x and older clients up to 22.5 to ensure they are ready for Windows 10 when it rolls out later this month.

We have not seen any common issues with the latest version, but will be continuing to monitor the situation."