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Hacking Team suspects inside job, launches police enquiry

Was it a government? Was it an inside job? No one really knows who is behind the dreadful hack attack against the Italian cyber security firm Hacking Team, which saw some 400GB of classified data leak online.

Reuters reported today that six individuals, former Hacking Team employees, could be behind the attack. The agency reported that the six suspects had already been placed under investigation in a separate case.

In that case, Hacking Team CEO David Vincenzetti filed a complaint against the six over the leaking of source code for programs, which was also exposed as part of the data dumped on the internet.

Vincenzetti has previously said a government might have been behind the hacking of the company’s systems.

“Given its complexity, I think that the attack must have been carried out at a government level, or by someone who has huge funds at their disposal,” David Vincenzetti, the CEO of Hacking Team, explained.

Hacking Team made it to the front page of the media worldwide, when it got hacked and some 400GB of data leaked online.

The data had shown how the Italian company sold cyber weapons to Sudan and spying tools to Malaysia. It had also shown then unfixed vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, as well as how to sneak malware into Google Play.

Hacking Team have been the subject of negative headlines in the past. Some of its customers have questionable human rights records and it was previously revealed that Ethiopia was using its software to spy on a journalist.

However, Mr Vincenzetti defended his company and explained that the contract with Ethiopia was cancelled once their surveillance programme was revealed.

Sead Fadilpašić

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