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Spanish Royals pestered by drones

If you thought that France was the only European country that is suspicious about drone flight issues, you are wrong. The guards at the Spanish royal family’s La Zarzuela palace have spotted multiple robotic aircrafts flying through their airspace at night, including the residences.

Just the fact that the drones are flying into the air space surrounding personal property is a pretty scary thing. The scarier thing is that, the radio jamming doesn’t help in taking down these drones. And since they can’t shoot them out of the sky, the guards are unable to bring these drones down.

As of now, there are no reports on who is responsible for these drones, and there has been no comment from the palace. Since it is not clear who is behind the drone flights, one obvious conclusion to draw would be that they are being operated by the paparazzi. The only problem is, the flights occurring at night are not the best time to take snaps of the King and the Queen.

But, there might be something else at play here. The primary concern is terrorism, but there is also a possibility that the pilots of these drones might be activists, or even pranksters.

Regardless of what we say, it looks like Spain too will be following the lead of other European countries and start to tighten its anti-drone measures around high-security areas.