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Watch the first legal drone delivery to ever take place in the US

US regulators recently approved the use of drones to be operated for delivery and last Friday marked the first operations for such purpose in the country.

Called "Let's Fly Wisely," the project was aimed to ease the delivery of medication to a free clinic run by Remote Area Medical and the Health Wagon in Wise County, Virginia.

A fixed-wing aircraft operated by NASA Langley Research Center pilots, carried 24 packages of medicine from a pharmacy in Oakwood, Virginia to Lonesome Pine Airport in Wise.

Meanwhile, Australian drone startup Flirtey operated a smaller unmanned craft, which hauled the medicine the remaining distance in multiple trips to the Wise County Fairgrounds, lowering its cargo via tether to near the clinic. According to the drone's recorded video, a single flight took around three minutes.

Flirtey, Virginia Tech and NASA, among other partners, worked together for Friday's event, which intended to draw attention to the difficulties of delivering healthcare in rural areas and show off drones' capabilities.

The event was also an exception to the ban by the Federal Aviation Administration on drone delivery after the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech gained authorisation for the research flights.

Check out the video above to see how the delivery took place.