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Google no longer supports ISP email accounts, Virgin Media smoothly migrates

Google recently told the cable company, Virgin Media, that they will be dumping Gmail support for ISPs.

Virgin then decided to opt for an in-house system and are sorry to see Google go.

It is clear that Google had a reason for letting go the Gmail support for ISPs, but at the time of writing, they are yet to respond with a comment.

It was 2009 when Virgin Media switched over to Gmail, and they were pretty satisfied with the services.

“Unfortunately Google are no longer supporting ISP email accounts so we needed to find an alternative solution in order to support our customers going forward. We are intending to migrate our email service to a new platform soon.”

Virgin Media had already notified their customers about the migration, and they say that this will help them provide “and even better service” than Gmail.

“Over the next three months, we’ll move from our old Google-based service to an all-new, and improved Virgin Media email service.

But don’t worry, all your old emails and contacts will be transferred over, safe and sound. Your email address and password will stay exactly the same too.

Virgin commented that "if you use our Webmail service, the main thing that’ll change is how the email service will look. Instead of the familiar Google layout, you’ll see our simple new Virgin media email layout.”

Virgin plans to migrate all of their 4.6 million broadband subscribers over to their in-house email service by the September of this year.