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Oh great, Cortana can now understand sarcasm

With Windows 10 set to launch in only a matter of days, Microsoft have posted up on their blog that the virtual assistant Cortana will be able to reflect the local language, and traits of each market it is launched in.

Therefore, in the case of the UK, Cortana is set to unleash a whole heap of sarcasm and dry humour. The blog post reads: " Cortana understands how highly the UK values self-deprecating humour. Dryness and irony are traits that filter subtly into her personality, and she uses playful sarcasm in her responses if she senses you're fooling around."

Of course this does not mean that Cortana will lose any of her core principles, being positive, confident, intelligent and transparent. With recent stories of Siri's unexpected and funny answers to questions posed to the virtual assistant, it is hard not to see this as a reaction from Microsoft to stay on level terms with the technology giant Apple.

Microsoft says that they wanted to make sure that their AI responds according to the local language of each market. So if you’re not an AI, you will understand what this means.

The Cortana update will not be launched worldwide. US, UK, China, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the Australian customers of the Windows Insider Program will be the first to receive the Cortana update on 29 July.