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Jimmy Wales and TPO launch social network to follow causes and charities

The People’s Operator and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales have announced a new social network dedicated to following charities, causes and fundraisers around the world.

The new social network is an ad-free experiment to try and bring a social aspect to charity. While only 51 per cent of people have given to charity in the past month, 73 per cent of people aged 16-24 claimed they would if there were social aspects to the charities.


Even though newsletters are posted and most charities are active on Twitter and Facebook, TPO is a way for users to focus entirely on the cause and fundraiser. It is an ad-free zone, which is funded using TPO’s mobile network.

TPO, for those unaware, is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses EE’s network in the United Kingdom. It plans to move into Europe and the United States by the end of the year, and its primary focus is on transparency and low rates.


It takes 25 per cent of its profit and sends it to a charity bucket list, alongside taking 10 per cent of each subscriber’s monthly payment and sending it to a charity (or charities) of their choice—if the customer wants the money to be sent to charities.

This is a unique way to give to charity without having to go through the process of paying money. Instead, TPO automatically takes the 10 per cent from your payment and sends it where it needs to go.

Of course, the new social network is made with the hope that more people get involved in charity, both promoting the platform and fundraisers and actively donating to help charities.

“We want to spread a wave of goodness across the world that benefits millions of people,” said Jimmy Wales. “The TPO Community is designed as a space that works for what people believe in and unites that with the causes they care about and a simple, commission-free way to give. The more TPO grows with the support of our members, the more we can make a positive change and the more powerful the TPO Community becomes.”

The social network is available today in public beta, for anyone that wants to get involved.

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