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Apple Watch users more satisfied than iPhone and iPad users

People are more satisfied with the Apple Watch than they were when they first bought the iPhone and the iPad, a new survey shows.

The report by Apple Watch research platform Wristly, published on 19 July 2015, found that three months after the launch of the smartwatch, overall customer satisfaction is at 97 per cent.

To put things into perspective, the first iPhone, released back in 2007, had a customer satisfaction of 92 per cent, while the iPad, launched in 2010, had scored 91 per cent.

"The customer satisfaction rating places it ahead of both of these beloved Apple 'v1.0' products", the report says.

"Only time will tell if the sales results also play out accordingly, but for now this is a very strong early indicator of Apple's product execution for its first wearable product."

Within the wearables themselves, the classic Watch scores somewhat better than the sports version.

Wristly's research found that the perceived value of the Apple Watch was considered good or very good by the majority of wearers: “When asking our members for their perceived value of the Watch, the very large majority stated that considering its cost, the Watch was a good (73 per cent), or even very good (14 per cent) value. Only 12 per cent of you thought that the Watch was of poor value relative to cost”, the report says.

Battery life has once again proven as the weakest point of the device, with 12 per cent reporting that they were either somewhat dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. According to Wristly, even these figures were not as bad as previous reports have suggested.

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