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Apple bans iOS 9 beta users from reviewing apps

Apple’s public beta for iOS 9 (opens in new tab) seems to have some users confused, mostly those who have never participated in a beta program before. For those, it seems odd that the 1.5 million apps on the iOS App Store aren’t working in exactly the same way as they did on iOS 8.

What’s even worse, Apple opened the floodgates for iOS 9 beta testers to add reviews on apps. That means even though developers don’t need to update their app until the release in the fall, beta-testers can actively lower the app’s score.

Thankfully, Apple has made it impossible for those users to add reviews. Developers complained to Apple throughout the week, and the privilege of reviewing apps while using beta builds has been revoked.

Apple’s public beta attracted over one million iOS users, more than your average beta program. Considering the vast amount of first and third party features on iOS, there is going to be a lot of issues that need solving through the beta program.

The public beta is currently on its third update, with new information on keyboard settings (opens in new tab), News and Wallet starting to seep through. The public release will happen sometime in the fall, most likely in September when the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (opens in new tab) are released.

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