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Creepy or Cool? Your Timeline for Google Maps knows where you've been

If you are a Google fan and use almost everything they present you with – say if you use Google Now on your smartphone, then you are likely aware of the fact that it uses your GPS to give you useful information based on your location.

One thing you might have never thought about, is the fact that how much location data does Google has on you, assuming that you’ve updated your Maps app. Within the app you’ll notice a tiny new feature called Your Timeline. Yep, that creepy info about where you’ve been, has now been turned into a feature to let you know.

So, with the help of this new feature, you can see your daily real-world routines. This is another way of Google saying you that they have tracked you with their Location History setting.

Despite being super creepy, Google's brilliant app design puts the weird factor to the back of your mind as you're presented with this new feature in a nice, scrollable format. Surprisingly enough, it also pulls up a couple of pictures that you might have taken during one of your routines if you used Google Photos app.

If you love Google Now and all the information that it presents you with, then it is most likely that you won’t be affected by it. But if you are a privacy-conscious individual, this is just the kind of reminder for you to make sure that you check out your security and privacy settings before you use anything online.

The information can of course be erased by you and is not public data. So you should probably take the time to delete it all.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/frank_peters