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Here's how you can check your computer for Hacking Team malware

When Hacking Team was hacked (opens in new tab), a massive cache of data was leaked, including the source code for government-strength surveillance tools. Hacking Team warned that the code could have fallen into terrorist hands (opens in new tab), but then backtracked slightly (opens in new tab) to say that any code that had been obtained was incomplete and out of date.

We already know that the company managed to sneak malicious apps into Google Play (opens in new tab), and you might be concerned that some of its malware has made its way onto your computer. To help put minds at rest -- hopefully -- Rook Software has released a tool to seek out Hacking Tool malware.

Called Milano, the software is available to download free of charge from the Rook Software website (opens in new tab). The company says that its detection utility "contains hashes for 40 Windows executable and library files [which] have been analysed by Rook Security, and have been deemed to have the highest likelihood of malicious use".

As noted by Slashdot (opens in new tab), this is something that is only of use to Windows users. To help Mac owners, Facebook has come to the rescue. It’s open-sourced osquery can be used to scan for backdoors from a variety of sources, and has been updated to include Hacking Team vulnerabilities. Find out more at Facebook’s engineering pages (opens in new tab).