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More details revealed about the global rollout of Cortana with Windows 10

Cortana will make the jump from mobile phones to desktop computers with Windows 10 – although some countries will have to wait longer than others to benefit from the digital assistant.

That's mainly because Cortana takes some considerable localisation for different nations, not just in terms of understanding accents and the like, but also matters such as localised content – and indeed the "attitude" of the AI.

And we've just heard about the arrival schedule for a few more countries, courtesy of CNET, which points out that the Australian version of Cortana is set to debut this coming winter. A more precise date wasn't given, but that's not surprising at this stage.

As well as Australia, Canada, Japan and India will be getting the voice assistant, along with Brazil and Mexico who can also expect to be using Cortana before 2015 is out.

Interestingly, the report states that the Australian version of Cortana will be more laid-back, while the Japanese version will be more impersonal and behave like a "friend of a friend". All this pertains to the aforementioned attitude, and getting Cortana right for its audience – if the assistant irritates folks, that's hardly likely to endear Windows 10 to the user base (though you can always turn the assistant off, of course).

As you're doubtless aware, Windows 10 is coming out on July 29, and Cortana will debut with the launch of the OS in seven countries, namely the US, UK, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

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