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Nokia planning to unveil virtual reality product next week

Nokia might be planning to move into the VR market as soon as next week, according to Re/Code. The VIP event in Los Angeles next week will be the first preview of the VR headset, one of Nokia’s ventures into new mobile markets.

Not much is known about the VR event, since Nokia has not released any information. Considering the previous tablet and phone announcements, we expect Nokia will release a blueprinted design for manufacturers on a VR headset.

While we don’t know specifics, we can expect the displays to be at least 2K, to compete with Oculus and HTC. Full 360-degree movement would be another feature necessary to compete with the new headsets.

Nokia Technologies, the division in charge of cooking up all of the Finnish company’s new ideas, has been working on VR for at least 12 months. This may not be long enough to build a VR platform, so we suspect it will use Oculus or Valve’s platform.

Part of Nokia’s new hardware plans is to sell licenses for the hardware, and allow a third-party manufacturer to build and distribute the hardware. Currently, a Chinese manufacturer is using the Nokia name to sell the Nokia N1 tablet.

Plans to sell a smartphone are also in Nokia’s bucket list, but that will come in 2016 when the contract with Microsoft ends (opens in new tab). After 2016, the company will be allowed to build and sell smartphones once again.

A lot is happening at Nokia these days, with the sale of its Here Maps division for £1.73 billion to a consortium of German car manufacturers (opens in new tab), and the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent for £10 billion (opens in new tab).

Source: Re/Code (opens in new tab)

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