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Trustwave readies new security service to protect the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing fast, according to Gartner (opens in new tab) around 4.9 billion devices will be in use this year, up 30 per cent on 2014, and there could be 25 billion IoT devices by 2020.

But with all of these devices being rushed to market security can be left behind. According to managed security specialist Trustwave's 2015 Security Pressures Report (opens in new tab), 77 per cent of respondents said they had been pressured to unveil IT projects that were not security ready.

To combat this issue, Trustwave is announcing a new set of managed security services - Trustwave Managed IoT Security. These services are designed to help manufacturers and developers of Internet of Things technologies identify and fix security vulnerabilities within their products before they hit the market, as well as helping business end users using IoT technologies prevent IoT-related cyber-attacks.

"As everyday objects connect to the network, IT teams struggle to manage assets and attack vectors previously outside their purview," says Steve Kelley, Senior Vice President of Product and Corporate Marketing at Trustwave. "Manufacturers of those products also struggle with getting them out to market on time while ensuring security. Trustwave’s Managed IoT Security helps both parties overcome those challenges by identifying and remediating security weaknesses within the products and ecosystem surrounding them in addition to round the clock monitoring to detect and deflect a breach."

Trustwave Managed IoT Security works on two levels. Developers and providers of IoT products and services can use it to find weaknesses in embedded devices, back-end services and the connections in between. Trustwave's elite team of ‘SpiderLabs’ ethical hackers attempt to compromise devices by exploiting vulnerabilities in the hardware, software and the manufacturers’ servers that provide the link between IoT devices and applications.

In addition it monitors the security of the IoT ecosystem. This helps protect organisations from the security challenge brought about by a raft of new and unusual, devices. Businesses can access Trustwave's Managed IoT Security services through the company’s cloud-based portal, Trustwave TrustKeeper.

Managed IoT Security will launch on Wednesday (22 July) and more information will be available on the Trustwave website (opens in new tab).

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Ian Barker worked in information technology before discovering that writing about computers was easier than fixing them. He has worked for a staff writer on a range of computer magazines including PC Extreme, was editor of PC Utilities, and has written for TechRadar, BetaNews, IT Pro Portal, and LatestGadgets.