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Twitter blackout in Turkey following deadly blasts

After the bombing earlier this week that killed 32 people, Turkey has now blocked access to Twitter to stop the spread of images related to the bombing. The court ruled that any graphic footage of the incident should be banned across all social media websites. And all the sites that do not comply, should be completely blocked.

According to Associated Press (opens in new tab), the Turkish government is also looking to prevent any and all online calls for protests over their failure to prevent the bombing. President Tayyip Edrogan is being accused by Turkey’s Kurds and opposition members for supporting the Islamic State. The government on the other hand, denies all the accusations.

The bombing, which happened on Monday killed 32 people and injured at least more than 100 others in a suicide attack at a youth activist news conference in Suruc, near the Syrian border. According to Turkey’s prime minister, it is highly possible that the Islamic State militants were behind the attack, though they have not claimed any responsibility for the attack.

This attack was the deadliest terrorist attack that the country has suffered in more than two years.

The Turkish government had asked Twitter to remove 109 pieces of content that included images and videos related to the incident. The site removed 50 images but they failed to remove all the content within the government’s 4 hour deadline. According to Reuters (opens in new tab), the ban is expected to be removed shortly because the social network has now removed the remaining images from the site.

Image source: Shutterstock/ (opens in new tab)Bloomua (opens in new tab)