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Third-party Apple Watch charging support coming soon

Apple might be planning to offer third party support for Apple Watch chargers in the next 12 months, under the Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod official licensing program.

Currently, dock makers are the only businesses trying to get involved with the Apple Watch. Even then, the dock makers have to implement a way for Apple’s own charging cable and port to work with the Apple Watch.

Once the manufacturing is open for third-parties, there will be no need to work around Apple’s own cables and connectors. Still, the limitations of being an Apple third-party manufacturer can be strenuous, as seen by the lack of iPhone and iPad charging options.

Apple uses a magnetic wireless charger for the Apple Watch. No information was revealed on how strict Apple would be on the smartwatch charger—whether manufacturers would have to incorporate the circular magnetic design, or could choose their own ideas.

We also don’t know when third-party manufacturers will be allowed to start work. We would assume the Apple Watch 2, coming sometime between October and March 2016, would be the opening, where Apple shows off a few of the chargers at an event.

The Apple Watch made up 75 per cent of all wearable sales, with analysts claiming between 2.5 and 5 million sales since launch. That sounds like good news, but the actual interest in the Apple Watch peaked in the first week, and has been spiraling downward since.

Source: 9to5mac